Soup Of The Day £4.95

With a warm crusty roll & butter (v) (gf -option)


Mozzarella Sticks £5.95

With garlic mayonnaise (v)


Haggis Bon-Bon’s £5.95

With creamy mustard mayonnaise & salad (gf)


Mushroom Bruschetta £5.95

With a cream wine sauce (v)


Loaded Nachos £5.95

With jalepeno & cheese sauce (v)

King Prawn in Tempura £5.95

with salad & sweet chilli mayonnaise


Prawn Cocktail £5.95

In a Marie-rose sauce 





Homemade coleslaw £1.50

Fries £2.25

Seasoned fries £2.75

Chunky chips £2.25

Onion rings £2.95

Side salad £1.75

Garlic bread £1.75

Sweet chilli cheese fries £3.25






Hunters Chicken £13.95

Seasoned chicken breast smothered in barbeque sauce & cheese, with bacon, homemade coleslaw & seasoned fries (gf)



Balmoral Chicken £13.95

Butterfly breast with haggis, vegetables, butter mashed potato & whisky sauce (gf)



Fish & Chips £13.95

Hand battered fish with chunky chips & peas (gf)



Traditional Scampi £12.95

With chunky chips & salad



Macaroni £10.95

With cheese sauce, salad and either chips or garlic bread (v)



Homemade Chilli £13.95

With rice & salad



Curry Of The Day £13.95

With rice, salad & a plain naan bread. Vegetarian option available.



8oz Rump Steak £19.95

With tomato, mushrooms, onion rings & chunky chips. Add either peppercorn or whisky sauce for £1.95





All burgers served with a brioche bun. Gluten free buns available

Highland Burger £14,95

venison burger with haggis, whisky sauce, onion rings, salad & fries



The Big Dirty £14.95

6oz beef burger with battered chicken goujon, pickles, chorizo, burger sauce, cheese, smoked bacon, salad & fries


Mad Mexican £13.95

6oz spiced beef burger, cheese, chilli chutney, guacamole & salad. With either fries or tortilla chips


Cajun Chicken £12.95

Spicy chicken breast, burger sauce, pickles, creamy coleslaw, salad & fries.


Cheese? Yes Please! £10.95

6oz beef burger, mozzarella & cheddar cheese, burger sauce, pickles & salad & fries.


Vegetarian Burger £10.95

With burger sauce, pickles, creamy coleslaw, salad & fries.





12 inch base, gluten free option available

The Highlander £12.95

Tomato sauce, haggis & red onion


The Nose Runner £12.95

Spicy tomato sauce, red onion, jalepeno & peppers (v)


What’s Clucking? £12.95

Barbeque sauce base, with spicy chicken, peppers & onion


Meat Feast £13.95

With chicken, ham, pepperoni, chorizo & peppers


Double Pepperoni £12.95

Generous helping of pepperoni & peppers


Hawaiian £11.95

Ham & pineapple


Margherita £10.95

Cheese & tomato


Extra toppings £0.95

Pepperoni, mozzarella, jalepenos, peppers, white onion, ham, pineapple, chorizo, sweetcorn, chicken, red onion



Kids Menu


Starters £3.50

Cheese garlic bread

with salad


Little Nachos

Cheese sauce, grated melted cheese & a choice of dips


Mozzarella Sticks

With garlic mayonnaise


Mains £6.95


Sausage & Mash

With gravy & either peas or beans


Chicken Goujons

With fries & salad

Fish &Chips

Hand battered fish with chunky chips & peas(gf)

Margherita Pizza

Cheese & tomato. Extra toppings £0.50p, pepperoni, peppers, ham, chicken.



With either fries or garlic bread


Smothered Chicken

Half chicken breast with cheese, barbeque sauce & fries