TO ORDER PLEASE CALL – 01463 831011
We are open Wednesday to Saturday 5pm until 9pm
MAIN MEALS – £8.50
Fish & chips
Balmoral chicken with vegetables & mashed potatoes or (chips 50p extra) 
Hunter’s chicken with fries & coleslaw
Macaroni cheese with garlic bread
Chicken or Chana dahl (vegan) curry with rice or (fries 50p extra) Plain naan bread £1.00
Chilli con carne with rice or (fries 50p extra) Nachos £1.00
Beef, Chicken or Vegan burger with salad and fries (cheese 50p extra)
Scampi & chips
Vegetable lasagne with garlic bread
Mushroom tagliatelle with garlic bread
12 inch 
Margherita - £8.50
Pepperoni - £9.00
Hawaiian - £9.50
Ham and pineapple
The Nose Runner - £10.50
Hot & Spicy vegetable pizza with peppers, red onion, jalapeños and hot sauce.
Texas BBQ Chicken £9.00
Meat Feast - £10.00
Chicken, Ham and smoked bacon
Extra Toppings  - 50p
Pepperoni, Ham, Mushroom, Peppers, Jalapenos, Pineapple,
Sweet corn, Chicken
Plain fries £1.50
Seasoned Fries £2.00
Sweet chilli cheese fries £2.50
Onion rings £1.50
Coleslaw £1.00
Garlic bread £1.50
Mozzarella sticks £3.00
Side salad £1.50
Cans or bottles of juice £1.50
Coca-cola, Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, Irn Bru, Irn Bru Sugar Free, Fanta Orange, Lemonade, Vimto, Ginger Beer, Pepsi, Red Alert, Appletizer, J20 
Bottled Water/Fruit Shoot £1.00
Budweiser, Corona, Birra Moretti, Miller, San Miguel 0%, Becks Blue, WKD - £2.00
Tennents can 568ml £2.50, Strongbow can 440ml £2.00 Guinness Cans 520ml - £3.00
Magners, Kopparberg , Crabbies Ginger Beer £3.50 Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Alcohol Free. - £2.50
Large wine bottles £10.00   Large Prosecco £13.00
Single Serve Wine 187ml £2.50  Single Serve Prosecco £3.50

Old North Inn Hotel
Inchmore, Inverness IV5 7PX |  +44 1463 210 212

© 2019 by "The Drumdevan Hospitality Group"

Old North Inn is not a hotel, but a state of mind and destination. You don't just stay with Old North Inn, Old North Inn stays with you


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